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Plantechno, located in Lombardia, Italy, is a company specialising in plant-based biotechnology projects with commercial and consumer interest. Created in 1995 by researchers involved in plant and microbial biotechnology, the company has evolved into a productive enterprise with a broad portfolio of projects and products of commercial interest.

Plantechno is committed to utilizing and improving the benefits that plants offer to our society. Plants, are truly the foundation of human existence! They have provided the basis for our food, shelter, and clothing for centuries; and now have the potential to further transform our lives by supplying us with energy, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds, and a safer food supply. We are excited to contribute to this endeavour!

Plantechno holds several patents on technology to express human therapeutic and nutraceutical proteins in plants, as well as expression of genes to reduce the allergenic potential of certain foods. Plantechno is also committed to the development of platform technologies which improve the efficiency and utility of plant transformation. Finally, the initiation of projects in the biofuels area holds enormous potential for future growth.

Our Projectss
Plantechno is committed to plant-based projects that have the potential to improve the health and quality of life for humans and animals.

Our Patents/Publications
Research with applications: A list of some Plantechno’s patents and publications.

Our Involvement with E.U. Research Framework Projects
Plantechno has been involved with several E.U. 6th Framework projects as a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME), and is looking forward to starting collaborations in the 7th Framework.

Our Collaborations/Research Partners
Both within Europe and overseas, collaborations and working with research partnerships are key to our success.

Plantechno News

Our Facilities/Contacts
Plantechno's facilities include 1500 m2 of laboratory, growth room, and research facilities, 400 m2 of greenhouse space, land for on-site field trials, and 1500 L of fermentation capacity.

Where are we?
Plantechno is located in Vicomoscano, Italy, a small town in the Cremona Province in close proximity to the Po River. The facilities are located about 28 km from Parma, 37 km from Mantova, 44 km from Cremona, and 145 km from Milano. The nearest train station is Casalmaggiore.

Plantechno S.r.l.
Via Staffolo, 60
26040 Vicomoscano
Cremona, Italy
Tel. +39-0375-201366
Fax. +39-0375-200678
e-mail: info@plantechno.com