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Technology to produce non-allergenic flour, while maintaining baking quality

Many patients with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) find a gluten-free diet unpalatable, so compliance with gluten-abstinence therapy is commonly poor. Therefore new products, especially in the bakery sector, are required to protect the health of these consumers.

Flours derived from rice, corn, and soybean are generally considered safe in a celiac diet, however bakery products made from these types of flours do not have the high level baking quality characteristics of wheat flour (ability to form good-textured dough that rises).

Plantechno is developing non-allergenic food flour (from rice, corn, or soy) with baking characteristics similar to wheat, by introducing into these plants genes for de-allergenized wheat proteins related to the bread-making quality of dough, and an enzyme able to form interchain links between proteins. Flour from these lines should produce bread and bakery products with greater rising potential and baking quality characteristics, that would be safe for celiacs, thus improving the palatability of a gluten-free diet.

'Food Flours with Specific Technological Characteristics and Low Allergenicity' (International Patent Application No. PCT/ITB2003/05092)