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Research with applications: A list of some Plantechno's patents and publications.

’Oligomers containing two or more muteins units of the human Apo A-1 proteins’ December 7 2006 (national and international priority date).
'Food Flours with Specific Technological Characteristics and Low Allergenicity' (International Patent Application No. PCT/ITB2003/05092)
‘In-seed expression of lysosomal enzymes’ US 2006/0031965 A1.
‘In-seed expression of lysosomal enzymes’ WO 03/073839 A2.
‘A synthetic polynucleotide coding for human lactoferrin, vectors, cells and transgenic plants containing it’, WO 00/04146 US patent currently in review.
‘Production in plant of the protein ApoA-1 in dimeric and multimeric forms’ Italian patent granted August 10 2006 (national and international priority date), PCT in progress.

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